the drunken taoist #142 - JAMIE KILSTEIN


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  • Writing about politics and getting hate from both sides
  • Having a 5th degree black belt in fuck ups
  • The class clown called me "gay" and beat the shit out of me
  • Selling out along political lines would bring good money
  • Getting tired of spreading poison
  • Being hateful sells
  • So much easier to be critical than to create something beautiful
  • Jamie meets rock bottom
  • Learning about life through MMA
  • Life advice: lose everything and train BJJ
  • The trap of identities
  • There were supposed to be no political parties in American life
  • The comedy of the 'billionaire outsider'
  • Freedom from roles
  • "I literally thought Republicans only laughed at school shootings"
  • Lack of self esteem is at the roots of most problems—from relationships to politics
  • Authenticity goes hand in hand with vulnerability
  • Finding common ground

the drunken taoist #143 - MAKING A LIVING WITHOUT SELLING OUT