• "Fuck pain. Fuck heartbreak. I'm still in love with life"
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  • Don't play "Cherry Pie" or Joey will strangle you with a G-string
  • Daniele has no problems with superlatives
  • Childhood obsession for Milius's movies
  • The four amigos: Spielberg, Milius, Coppola, Lucas
  • A picture of MIlius with no guns?!?
  • Directing as self defense
  • Daniele would give somebody else's right arm for fiction written by Milius
  • How a 1/2 hour meet and greet turned into a 6 hour conversation
  • Milius would say 'fuck you' in a very poetic way
  • I love Milius for the same reasons I love Evan Tanner--all heart, all epic
  • Alligators with a moat: what the UFC would like had Milius had his way.
  • The Rome TV series
  • Carlin talks about history the way Milius directs
  • "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star" -Nietzsche
  • Milius would never do The Goonies. He only did movies he wanted to make
  • Handing a loaded gun to Martin Sheen to "help" him deliver lines better
  • Inviting the Hell's Angels to lunch at the Warner Studios
  • Mike V loved the Milius documentary
  • Pulling the trigger
  • How the Conan soundtrack helped John as he was between life and death
  • Conan trilogy?!?
  • John Milius: The Teddy Bear with the AK-47, The Zen Anarchist, A Threat to Western Civilization
  • "I'm really a hippie. Everybody thinks I'm right wing but I'm really a hippie. It’s just that the hippies wouldn’t elect me as king. And I wanna be king”.
  • Sergio Altieri, the Italian version of John Milius
  • Joey's journey into documentary-making
  • Daniele's meeting with Harrison Ford
  • Tarantino: one of the few modern directors in Milius' mold

The Drunken Taoist #42 - JIMI HENDRIX'S HEIR

The Drunken Taoist #40 - JUVENILE AND PROUD TO BE