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  • We love freedom except if you engage in activities that we don't approve. Then, screw freedom
  • Simple laws to follow: don't hurt humans and the environment. Aubrey Marcus for president
  • Dolphins getting high: if you are a dolphin, it's hard to get ayahuasca
  • Guilt as the gateway drug to giving away your power
  • One of the problems with religions: fighting over semantics, using the same words to mean radically different things
  • A prime example: "God"
  • "All crackers are terrible"
  • Tweaking your message depending on who's in front of you
  • The transformations of Catholicism
  • Most people don't choose, but follow what they have been taught. Mindfulness as an antidote to being a robot
  • Not this or that, but this and that
  • Nuanced worldviews vs. binary thinking "The nature of the business is complexity. If you can't deal with it, you have no business dealing with history or with life"
  • The Warrior Poet philosophy: applied Taoism
  • The ghost of Chris Ryan haunts our conversation
  • The challenge of the Twenty-First Century: Cosmic Tribes
  • South Dakota experiences
  • Creating powerful rituals for 21st century tribes
  • The power of the mind
  • To go to college or not to go
  • How the Italian military service pushed me into academia
  • Getting college credit for Latin and ping-pong
  • Aubrey about jealousy and what that says about you
  • Jealousy is the opposite of love
  • The evil law of the universe: the least you need something, the more likely you are to get it
  • Neediness is not attractive
  • How Bruce Campbell Saved Daniele's Wedding
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The Drunken Taoist #34 - ELIZABETH HAN