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  • "Hey baby, give me some sugar"
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  • How the Huffington Post and lack of porn leads Daniele to meet Thad Russell
  • Vs. conservative and vs. liberal histories
  • Daniele's hot mom
  • The twin pillars of the Protestant work ethic and the nuclear family
  • There's a tiny Puritan running around inside Thad's mind
  • The Tao of being a slacker
  • If Paris Hilton finds herself in need of a lawyer, she should call Thad
  • What if Puritans never defeated Thomas Morton? Drunken parties with Indians in the 1600s
  • The Left in the 1960s: serious socialists vs. happy hippies
  • Thad's Marxist colleague: vs. sex, pro-censorship and "women on campus dress like prostitutes"
  • Politics and the lesser evil
  • If you are a woman who walks in public without a male chaperon, you wear makeup, color your hair, own property, enjoy giving or receiving oral sex, wear red dresses or own a gun... thank a hooker!
  • Among the first integrated places in the U.S.: brothels!
  • The consequences of the crackdown on prostitutes
  • Why Thad was fired from his academic job: "His work is inappropriate and dangerous"
  • God forbid you should hire someone to teach who's actually liked by students. Hire someone with a PhD from an Ivy League school, because that's the only thing that means something.
  • The joys of Muay Thai
  • "I'm not as bad as you are, but I'm pretty bad"
  • Most historians are scared of sex and hate popular culture
  • Jazz, Levi's and Rock won the Cold War
  • "What academics are trained to do is to suck the life out of any topic"
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The Drunken Taoist #14 - A DARK JOURNEY