The Drunken Taoist #7 – IN THE ZONE WITH MIKE V

Today’s guest is Mike V. Telling you that he is a musician and a legend of skateboarding doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of who is, for Mike V is bigger and weirder than any label we can attach to him.

Among the highlights of the day:

  • Don’t offend Bulgarians
  • Last call for pre-orders on The Drunken Taoist t-shirts
  • Please check out our affiliate’s audio books at
  • I speak fast ’cause I really have to pee
  • After searching long and hard, we have finally found someone who enjoys the word “fuckin'” more than I do
  • How a Black Flag concert changed his life: “if I was flipping fuckin’ burgers, I was going to do it the way Black Flag would do it”
  • Skateboarding as the vehicle for a passion beyond words
  • “I’d rather err on the side of passion” (but Daniele can’t pronounce the word “err”)
  • About breaking bones
  • Crabs in a pot: people love it when heroes fuck up
  • “Fuck yeah I’m over the hill, but at least I’ve climbed the motherfuckin’ hill”
  • “I’ve been nailed to the cross so many fuckin’ times. Don’t fuck with me”
  • Comparing the crucifixion scene in Conan (1982) and in Spartacus (1960)
  • “Age is not a reason to fuckin’ trade in everything that made you who you are”
  • “When they fuckin’ shovel the dirt on me, that’s when I’ll be done fuckin’ skating”
  • “Try being a skateboarder in 1984… I became a living, breathing, moving target”
  • “My first interaction ever with a cop was him beating my ass—for no reason”
  • Tao and Zen: it’s an attitude toward life, not a profession of belief
  • About Zen masters who don’t know they are zen masters
  • The difference between paradox and contradiction
  • Love and strength: why Mike picked the elephant as a logo. “…beautiful, majestic creature, very social and very loving, kindest, gentlest heart but it will fuckin’ crush you. Don’t fuck with it. It will crush you. Eat a fuckin’ lion for lunch”
  • “To me, that’s life. Why would you want anything less than that?”
  • “I didn’t start skateboarding to fuckin’ follow the rules”
  • Why Mike has a pink sheep tattoo
  • The trap of embracing an identity—any identity
  • People are terrified of freedom
  • Happy birthday to Emily Vallely
  • “I’m glad you are a nerd”

Mike’s twitter: @mikevallely

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