The Drunken Taoist #2 – BOLELLI VS DUALISM


Here’s what’s on the menu’ today:

The “I Have a Dream” corner: our feature about the weird dream of the month. This one focuses on the joys of having a miniature Dalai Lama as a pet.

The “Ask Bolelli” Corner: Where your questions about the universe and everything get answered! We start easy with a literary question which will lead us into a discussion of Aztec, a book that makes the TV show Spartacus look like something written by frigid Puritans horrified by blood. If there were a prize for the most sex&blood under one cover, this book would win it hands down. Also, cannibalism makes any story more fun.

“The Storytelling Moment”: about Gonzalo Guerrero who was half of the first interracial couple on the mainland of the Americas–a tale of human sacrifice, finding love between the thighs of a tattooed Maya woman, and heroic death in battle. At the end of it, tattooed Mayan women will gently guide you into dream land.

And the “Rant of the Day”: Bolelli vs. Dualism (and relativism too), the enemy of my enemy is my friend, screw Jarred Diamond, “I just want to punch you in the face repeatedly, not because it’s going to enlighten you, but just for my satisfaction.”

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