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Very Ape Podcast with Sean Dunne

VERY APE PODCAST #43 – Mental w/ Jesse Zook Mann

Jesse Zook Mann is an Emmy-Award winning documentary director, and cinematographer. Jesse’s special on the Olympic Summer Games, My First Time, won top ratings for NBC. After producing his own series Jesse went on to produce international segments for Vice’s The Vice Guide to Everything on MTV. Recently Jesse finished directing Oddities San Francisco for Discovery Networks, and field producing Monster Mansions for Travel Channel.

Jesse’s past producer credits include First Look (NBC), Open House (NBC), I Do! (NBC), The Listening Post (Al Jazeera) and Splitting Hairs (Silverdocs). Jesse’s web credits include creating the first webisodes covering Broadway with documentaries on, and directing several series for generating videos with millions of views. Jesse’s documentary Punk Jews was recently featured in The New York Times and is currently screening at festivals.

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Recorded 3/23/17
Brooklyn, NY

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