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SYNCHRONICITY #79 – Art, Magic and Kindness with Sarah Potter

Oh hello,

This week on Synchronicity I’m joined by art curator and advisor, Sarah Potter.

I was introduced to Sarah by our mutual friend, Jennifer Sodini (who is awesome and is coming on the show soon!) and boy oh boy am I glad she tuned us in to each other.

In addition to being a wonderful human being, Sarah also resides in he Hudson Valley so we got to do this episode in person.

I’ve spoken about it before, but the in person episodes aways carry a little bit of extra energy and this one is no different.

Sarah and I discuss pushing through fear to get to the other side, the power of community and the necessity of kindness in everything we do.

I think, nay, I know, you’re gonna enjoy this one.

Be sure to check out Sarah’s upcoming projects over at her website:

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