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Synchronicity with Noah Lampert

Synchronicity #124 – The Eight Karmic Winds of Cryptocurrency

What can a Buddhist concept teach us about cryptocurrency?

Synchronicity #120 – Jack Carroll Returns

 Jack is back! Jack Carroll is a British comedian and actor. Carroll competed in the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 14, finishing as the runner-up. As an actor, he has appeared in two…

Synchronicity #118 – American Mussar with Greg Marcus

 This week’s guest is author and American Mussar teacher and practitioner, Greg Marcus. Delve into a Judaic tradition that crosses paths with Ben Franklin. Connect with Greg below: Soul Trait Quiz…

Synchronicity #115 – The Dharma of Ethan Nichtern

Buddhist teacher and awesome person, Ethan Nichtern, stop by Synchronicity to discuss balancing generosity and self-interest, how to maintain equanimity and the important distinction between a teacher and guru. Get Ethan’s new book: The Dharma of the Princess Bride…