Mayan Mad Men?

Let’s not be too quick to mock the Mayan 2012 thing, just because the planet didn’t go to pieces on December 21st.  The Mayans’ vision is a preternatural concept of  transformation, inner change, not necessarily about the way the planet might go to pieces.  The Mayans knew something.  Let’s face it, we could really use some morphing of Earth consciousness away from division, cruelty and war.  Why can't we start projecting a whole more uplifting plane of consciousness?  Just because the media wanted some scary footage and didn't get it, doesn't mean a big change couldn't be going on.  Mystical cultures project ideas which are necessarily mysterious – they cannot be defined by words as a rule.  The calendar mandala speaks for itself…

John Lennon: Minimalist Genius

As a healing message in this time of violence against innocents, including children in the hideously misnamed Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in Newtown, Connecticut, we feel we should quote John Lennon’s presentiment:“We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.”John, though ostensibly a pop singer, was a massive master at choosing the least number of words to convey the most stunning of truths.Give Peace A Chance and All You Need Is Love...Nine necessary words now more than ever.


This mindrolling business is all about coming unstuck and mugging the clinging mind.  The world champion at doing just that was the incomparable Krishnamurti, a teacher who never wanted to be any kind of guru.  His words penetrated right through conventional thought, and his razor edged insights stimulated a sense of fundamental and mental reality. His descriptions of non-conditioned awareness are like cool water, washing away disturbing emotions and fear-based illusions.  I (David) actually met him after a rare talk he gave at Brandeis University, on October 18th 1968.  His words were so firm and so dismissive of cant and rant that it was a stunning healing experience.  I sat to the side of him.  He looked to me like a seventy year old Indian Paul McCartney.  He seemed chiseled out of porcelain, delicate and massively sensitive.  His awareness of awareness wiped fear out and replaced it with love of the present and the present of life itself.Click Here for the lectures.

Jack Kerouac: Thinker, Artist, Icon

Jack Kerouac is the most famous of The Beats, the group of artists, thinkers and rebels who became the icons of American and European underground culture in the fifities.  Along with Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, Kerouac’s absorption in alternative ways of living, involving freer sexuality, mind expansion, rejection of repressive lifestyles, and profound interest in Eastern spirituality, influenced the sixties and beyond. Kerouac’s biography of Buddha, “Wake Up” is a must read for anyone fascinated by the actual life of Gautama.