Upside Down World

VF-111_TOPGUN_MOVIEI want to rant for a minute. Children being refused lunch in Utah (and other states) because their parents are too poor to pay? Massive cuts of essential services across the USA? Ice-blooded congressional decimation of food stamps, unemployment extension benefits? Families living in cars? What in the name of Jeezus is going on in the richest country in the history of the planet?As the Mayans said brilliantly, this is an “upside down world.” One lousy F-16 fighter jet costs approximately $170 million dollars. We have something like 1200 of these things in the USAF. That comes to around 200 TRILLION dollars! It's a money game when you really think about it. Twenty-five other countries buy F-16's and their successor aircraft. The planet is constantly overlaid with this war no peace strategy. Maybe small defense systems are needed until an entirely different global condition prevails, but this current monolith that is a hegemony within a hegemony constantly stunts the progress of peace dynamics and movements globally. The conventionally accepted paradigm of the M-I Complex - "prepare for war" has to be shifted to a far more evolved paradigm of intent.Kids not eating lunch, miserably unemployed people relying on Food Stamps which they may not even get. Deplorable conditions (often precipitated by criminal behavior by bankers, Wall St and hedge funders) in the United States. And we’ve spent 200 trillion dollars on murderous machines WE DON’T HARDLY USE EVER. Wow, they sure worked on 9/11 didn't they? This vast fortune spent certainly helped those 3,000 people.I’m sorry to rant here, but I just cannot take any more of this total upside down rubbish spit out by the military-industrial-media complex, encouraging ordinary folks to love militarization, while the people suffer and are insulted and humiliated if they are poor. I am not saying that we should simply ignore the obvious bad shit happening on Earth right now - barbarism in one form or another - but we should re-balance the whole approach to government expenditure, where the actual population benefits.This is morally repugnant. When will we stop this suicidal process towards a Neanderthal cocktail of poverty and an adored murderous military to fight who? The Russians? The Chinese? Canadians? Give me a fucking break and don’t vote for insipid, corrupt, Mammon-based politicians who keep this going. Love The Military. Hate The Poor. Win The War.George Orwell, where are you when we need you?Hanuman, please help me turn this huge indignation into love and positive pro-active resistance. Action not anger.

Rising Above

Jack Kornfield with Ram Dass, Dec 2013