The Mystery of Color and Sound

by Hazrat Inayat Khanbudda-light-The attraction that one finds in color and in sound makes one wonder if there is a mystery hidden behind them, if there is a language of color and sound which could be learned. The answer is that the language of color and sound is the language of the soul, and that it is our outward language which makes us confused as to the meaning of that inner language. Color and sound are the language of life. Life expresses itself on all different planes of existence in the form of color and sound, but the outwards manifestations of life are so rigid and dense that the secret of their nature and character becomes buried underneath.Why is the world called an illusion by the mystics? Because the nature of manifestation is such that it envelops its own secret within itself, and stands out in such a rigid form that the fineness, the beauty, and the mystery of its character are hidden within itself. Therefore the seekers after the truth of life, the students of life, strike two opposite paths. The one wishes to learn from the external appearance, the other wishes to find out the secret which is hidden behind it. The one who learns from the external gets the knowledge of the external, which we call science. The one who finds out from the within, from that which is hidden within the manifestation - he is the mystic; the knowledge he gains is mysticism.The first question that comes to the mind of the intelligent person is: What is it in color and in sound that appeals to us? It is the tone and rhythm, of color as well as of sound, which have an influence on the tone and rhythm of our being. Our being is our capacity for the resonance of the tone and rhythm which comes form sound and color. This capacity enables us to be influence by sound and color. Thus some have a liking for a certain color, others have a liking for another color. In the way of sound some attracted to a certain kind of sound. In the range of voice some attracted to the baritone or to the bass voice, others are attracted to the tenor and soprano. There are some to whom the deep sound of the cello appeals; there are others who are interested in the sound of the violin; some can enjoy even the thick sound of the horn and the trombone; others can enjoy the flute. What does this show? It shows that there is a certain capacity in our hearts, in our being, and it depends upon the particular capacity what sound appeals to us.

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