The Forest Monastery of Ajahn Chah

ajahn-chahEnjoy this BBC Open University documentary about the life of monks in a Buddhist monastery in the Forest Tradition of Thailand. An excellent introduction to the thought and practices of one of the oldest surviving traditions of Buddhism.Chah Subhaddo (Chao Khun Bodhinyana Thera) was an influential teacher of the Buddhadhamma and a founder of two major monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition.Respected and loved in his own country as a man of great wisdom, he was also instrumental in establishing Theravada Buddhism in the West. Beginning in 1979 with the founding of Cittaviveka (commonly known as Chithurst Buddhist Monastery) in the United Kingdom, the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah has spread throughout Europe, the United States and the British Commonwealth. The dhamma talks of Ajahn Chah have been recorded, transcribed and translated into several languages.More than one million people, including the Thai royal family, attended Ajahn Chah's funeral in 1992. He left behind a legacy of dhamma talks, students, and monasteries.

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