The Dalai Lama's Teachings from Australia

HHAustraliaHis Holiness just radiates beams of bodhicitta wherever he goes. Yesterday and today he continued to teach on the dual practice of compassion and emptiness speaking always about how central both are to cultivating the true view of reality.At today's public talk His Holiness spoke at length about how loving-kindness and the practice of tolerance and forgiveness are the ultimate source of peace of mind, trust with others, lasting and sincere friendship and a good life. He commented on how the things people conventionally aspire for - money, power, fame - give some temporary sense of achievement but ultimately cause us great suffering as they give rise to false friendships, insincere interactions with others, and cause anger and other negative emotions to arise. His Holiness also talked about this from his own example saying that if he walked around holding some sense of formality from being the great holy Dalai Lama he would be quite lonely and this loneliness would be caused by his own attitude. So he said instead it is better to be humble and have a warm heart and a sense of belonging to one human family - the way he always considers himself a simple Buddhist monk and a brother to all.His Holiness also spoke at length about people using religious divisions to cause harm to others such as in the case of Burma, and also using racial divisions to harm others such as the recent race riots in the United States. He said that these problems are all manmade and since we caused them we also have the responsibility to solve them. He called this divisiveness especially amongst spiritual practitioners a serious problem.Ask yourself, ‘What is the value of anger?’ There is none. Anger destroys our inner peace, destroys friendship and destroys happy families. Loving kindness on the other hand brings immense benefits, ensuring we have physical health and a happy mind. Concern for others produces trust which is the true source of friendship. And friendship is important because we are social animals. We depend on others for our survival.How fortunate we are to have such a great being alive at this time to deliver these important messages on tolerance, compassion, warm heartedness, forgiveness, religious harmony, basic human values and so much more. His Holiness' words are universally appealing because they speak to fundamental truths about the oneness of our human family. May we follow his words sincerely and look after each other well. May His Holiness have a long and stable life.Summary notes by Samten Palmo

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