Stay strong, stay sweet.

I’ve tried several times in the last few days to blog something about this Syrian situation.  Gave up on all of them.  We all can see the horror and the lies, the clear result of a global military-industrial stranglehold upon seven billion humans.  Until this anti-compassion system is radically changed, this will simply go on and on, leading to corollaries of an apocalyptic nature.So wtf?  Better to be super calm, send out love, find the love inside yourself, serve, be of good cheer,be downright funny, and seriously avoid too much dumbed down mainstream negative media robotically co-opted by the Mammon-military-money-matrix.  The societal blindness to the oh so obvious need for disarmament, all the way from making it very very very difficult to get absurdly obscenely unnecessary personal killer weapons from the strip mall, right through to WMD, ready to torture and genocidally murder us in a second, old calcified men insanely rationalizing the testosterone tyranny all the way to the end, Dr Strangelove style....DISARMAMENTALITY.  That’s what we need.  Meanwhile, it’s probably best to keep attentive, remain activist when it is conceivably progressive, and not drop our own deep internal connection and confluence with the greater Reality, the Wakan Tanka, Jah, the G-d within...So often, lousy world conditions can get under the skin, into the brain and erode our wisdom and compassion.  Too much MSNBC, CNN, Fox, Internet can be a WMD on our loving consciousness.  THIS DOESN’T MEAN WE DISTRACT OURSELVES FROM THE SUFFERING.  We remain aware, do anything we can do -  which includes centering ourselves and emanating some manifestation of joy and gratitude.  Our individual energy and our dimensionally larger heart space have authentic power, but that seems ridiculous if it isn’t cultivated somehow.  Anger about the awful iniquities around us cannot be automatically eradicated, but it surely must be alchemized into the beautiful not-giving-up head of right determination.  Maintaining the behavioral position of non-violence and huge tolerance affects the whole shebang, even though that might appear futile on the surface.  We need to go beneath that surface, mine out the gold ore of good loving just like the Rascals sang about a light year ago.

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