Ram Dass - The Spiritual Fire

"Within each of us there once was a fire. And for some of us it seems as though there's only ashes now. But when we dig in the ashes we find one ember and very gently we fan that ember. Blow on it, it gets brighter. And from that ember we rebuild the fire. The only thing that's important is that ember. Is that tiny breath of the living spirit. That's what you and I are here to celebrate. That though we've lived our life totally involved in the world, we know. We know that we're of the spirit. And as you go towards God  you learn about yourself. And when you return from God you learn about the world. But when you are in the world you know not of the world. You cannot see the forest for the trees. At first that still small voice, that tiny ember is overshadowed by the incredible pressure, desire, attachment, posses of the world of the marketplace. The ember gets stronger, flames start to flicker a bit. And pretty soon you realize all we're going to do for eternity is sit around the fire. We're going back into the hridayam, the cave of the heart. And the only being that will sit around the fire with us are those who recognize the spirit." Music by Nathan Wilburn

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