Sane Anger

Anger management is creeping into all of our podcasts.  So hard to be lovey dovey and forgiving when people, particularly politicians, just either lie or exhibit noxious callousness.  It’s such a startling contrast between those who are angry, and just get more and more antagonistic, and those who are equally upset and do not radiate hate.  Radiating hate is at the root of the planet’s malaise right now and probably for the last yay thousand years, if we’re going to be accurate about it.  Examples that pop immediately into the mind: Romans’ (clever, advanced societal paradigms not withstanding) vicious purging of early Christians; Christians’ horrible Inquisitions against Jews and heretics and sane people; Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pol Pot, Idi Amin annihilating millions...Rwanda, Kosovo, Iraq, lower 9/11 Manhattan, on and on, backwards and forwards in time.  Some of us calmly repeat the term “Kaliyuga” and take a deep breath and get some larger perspective.  Others want to forget about a predestined era description and chant, say and sing “Love, Love, Love.”  His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela  set terrific examples for us.  Men and women who we meet in our lives with no fame or glory do the same thing.Now, major Buddhist and Bhakti sages are urging us before it’s far too late to love our enemies.  To embrace them in the heart place where no judgments are made, despite the activism always attractive to those who want change in this life, in this country, in this world in this time.  It can seem to be a sign of weakness and some rage against the machinists might believe that.  How in the name of justice can we get rid of the inequities and the a-holes behind the anti-human official policies without violent words and even violent actions?  Good question.  The answer lies in the inner grasp of long-term tectonic psychological, spiritual and societal gradual change.  If children could be taught the profound (and potentially highly effective) logic of non violent resistance, then when they have some say in their own lives, they might just be able to step back every time they lose their mind about some horror and move on the problem without anger.  We can only hope.  For ourselves and for people across the planet in the future.~David Silver

Humility in Practice

Vajravarahi Mandala