Rising Above

This miniscule matterThis atomic thought formThis trivia lionized by the egoic eggThis utter waste of incarnational time and space, except that crucially it is Part of the Perfect Brahman,This silly unchilled, uncool bothermentA flash of a thought of irritation and condemnation and disunited nations...It bothers meIt still bothers me.What bothers him? Anything, anywhere, there, there, over there, there, in here...This one this time #17457348363526566687765 – a spelling mistake on fucking CNN for G-d’s sake, a nothing, a less than zero affair,The next one #17457348363526566687766 - a close relative’s coldness, just as big a nothing as the CNN twerp,Then #17457348363526566687767 - a remark by Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, still actually a nothing, a passing pastness,Then #17457348363526566687768 - a silly somehow critical grin on my neighbor’s face, maybe, maybe not, a paranoid mental meteor -But joy joy joy the difference after all my dips into the Clarity PoolThe Mindfulness GraspRather than the mindlessness last gaspThe difference is now after decades of drumming Atmanic awareness journeys into my brain,It bothers meIt still bothers meBut I don’t let that it bothers me bother me.Leopard cannot change its spots but a soul can connect the dotsAnd see at once that denying that it still bothers youWhen it still bothers youIs no good -Better to see from above in the selfThe knot in your psyche system that gets bothered by whatever it is,Admit it to yourself shamelesslyAnd then be hugely happy that the bother does not bother you (as much) any more.

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