Attachment to Work

Attachment to work is to be found in every country. That worldly activity is the first chapter of life. So long as the Rajas quality predominates, attachment to work increases. One cares more for one's own good, -riches, honor, fame. It gradually leads to ignorance which makes one forget God, the Reality of the universe. God cannot be realized until the Sattva qualities, such as devotion, right discrimination, dispassion and compassion for all, prevail. All attachment to lust and gold proceeds from Rajas and Tamas qualities, but work cannot be renounced entirely. Propelled by nature (Prakriti) you plunge into work even against your wish. Therefore I say you should work with non-attachment; in other words, you should work without seeking the fruit.In a great religious ceremony we give alms to the poor and do various other charitable works and may think that we are absolutely unattached to the results of such work, but in the end we find that the desire for name and fame has crept up in the heart, we do not know how. But he alone who has seen and realized God can become absolutely unattached to work and its result.Q: What is the path for those who have not realized God? Is it necessary for them to give up all work and worldly activities?Sri Ramakrishna: In this age (Kali Yuga) the path of devotion and love (Bhakti Yoga) is easy for all. The practice of Narada's Bhakti is better adapted to this Yuga. One should repeat the Holy Name of the Lord and chant His praises and with earnest and sincere heart, pray to Him, saying: "O Lord, grant me Thy divine Wisdom, Thy divine Love. Do Thou open my eyes and me realize Thee."When Karma Yoga is so difficult to practice, one should pray to the Lord in this manner: "O Lord! Do Thou reduce our Karma to a minimum, and the little work that we daily perform, may we do it with non-attachment by Thy grace. O Lord! Do not let our desire for work increase in number and bind us to worldliness."

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