Potent Patience

Image Credit: Georgia O'KeeffePatience is a vast virtue.  Just waiting, not judging, not bumming, not condemning, even not jumping for joy too precipitously.  It always gets better when you take a pause.  Bill Clinton used to deliberately take a few seconds before he made a public statement, just to let that inner edit take place.  It works.  Patience before sending a nasty e-mail, patience before declaring undying love for someone you met earlier in the day, patience everywhere.I have noticed that these United States have an irritating collective impatience, fueled by a media paradigm that immediately makes everything a disaster and starts to howl.  Obviously, on occasion, a brutal truth is immediately clear, but oftentimes the mainstream and internetted reportage is childishly jump-the-gun type twaddle.  Yes, America’s impatience with inefficiency has created some marvelous things and practices, but since all became Tabloid a dozen years ago, including even counter-intuitively Charlie Rose’s dooming, booming teases on CBS in the morning (and he’s unquestionably a great journalist) and definitely including much that is coldly designed to grab your perceptions crassly so as to survive online, including Huffington and predictably Drudge.  We just can’t wait to say something is bad, really bad, and it’s going to mess you up...and then a plastic-people commercial snaps on and all is just hunky-dory again.We gotta give things a minute.  Our dear friend, Mirabai Bush, has been involved in teaching this kind of forbearance and calm to Google employees, to soldiers.  It works.  Impetuous action can be charming and refreshing in this over-robotized society, but it is useless and thoughtless when it comes to a generally pervasive instant judgementalism, fostered by a media mentality that craves quick sensationalism and forever flowing blood.  That’s why meditation works as an influential tool throughout a day.  Do twenty minutes here or there during your day and the reaction demon quiets down and may even disappear.  “Patience is a virtue” is a colossal cliché, but it’s dead right.~David Silver

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