Onward & Forward

young-buddha-meditating-in-the-forest-usha-shantharamIf you imagine your Guru looking out of your eyes, therefore the Guru sitting in your body is facing forward...Perhaps, perhaps:It is better to create the divine feeling like this because then you are not mainly objectifying this force, this deity, this beneficence, but you are feeling it in your body and your brain and your heart as if it were you, yourself (which it is)When we imagine a Master, it is usually as a picture in front of us looking at us...even if this is an internal visualization -The Facing Forward Meditation POV generates the opposite - the G-d living doll inside of you, is looking right through your eyes creating the paradigm that the real G-d is found within. This, for me, feels more manifest and obvious, less artful.Heartful.David Silver July 6th 2003 10:30 pm

The Mind & The Heart

Birds in the Brain