Love or Wisdom?

A devotee once asked Ramakrishna, "Which is better, Bhakti or Jnana?"Ramakrishna: The highest form of Bhakti comes through extreme love for God.Three friends were walking through a forest. A tiger appeared. One of them cried out:"Brother, we shall be devoured by the tiger";The second said: "Why shall we be devoured? Come, let us pray to the Lord."Hearing this, the third one replied: "Oh no, why trouble the Lord? Let us climb this tree."krihna-dancingThe man who said, "We shall be devoured," did not know that the Lord is the protector of all; he who wished to pray to the Lord was a Jnani; he knew that Lord is the Creator, Protector and Destroyer of all phenomena; but the third man who said, "Why trouble the Lord, let us climb the tree," was a true lover of God. He had had the taste of Divine Love, the highest form of Bhakti. In one aspect of Divine Love (Prema) the lover thinks of himself as greater than the object of love; he has the constant desire to protect the Beloved and make Him happy by removing all troubles and anxieties.The Gopis had true Prema, or Divine Love.


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