Krishna Das - Sri Argala Stotram (Selected Verses) / Show Me Love

The second track on Krishna Das' latest album, "Kirtan Wallah,"musically, is a marriage of opposites, a mash-up of the traditional Argala Stotram, a prayer to the Goddess taken from the Durga Saptashati, and Foreigner's mid-80's power-ballad, "I Want To Know What Love Is".Opening in quiet austerity, KD, joined initially on the choruses by his daughter Janaki, offers a haunting lead vocal. Then the arrangement swells around the pair, building until the chorus "Roopam dehi, jayam dehi, yaso dehi, dwisho jahi" is intersected by the chorus of the Foreigner classic. The effect is staggering, the context remarkable. All the more remarkable is that this fusion has simply tumbled out naturally from KD's years of chanting to the chords of his heart, effortlessly pulling worlds together, drawing a heart-connection between Bengali kirtan & rock, between the Kumaon Hills and Nashville.Listen below.Get "Kirtan Wallah" -

Vajravarahi Mandala

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