Kaliyuga Cantata

Kaliyuga notwithstanding, more and more youthful beings on Earth are clearly evolving a long way away from the suffocating prison of conventionally encouraged ego/competitive I-me-mine life models. I’m not just speaking of the yoga and kirtan and expanded-awareness, compassion-based communities, but, crucially, also of the relentless socially active all over the globe right now. The desire to alleviate suffering is stronger than it ever was, as far as I can see.Massively obviously, the utter darkness of “Earth disease” behavior goes on meanwhile – wars, cruelty, hunger, genocide, fossil fuel fuckery, terror, rumors of terror, state terror, lies, propaganda, corporate coldness, and the Orwellian, destructive idiocy of the NRA, the NSA, these in the name of the USA.Yet, yet…good people are evidently everywhere. So is their subtle antidote to the current dystopic planetary reality. Feeding and housing the hungry and the homeless/protesting cruelty and injustice/meditation/mindfulness practice/multi-aspected yoga/dissolving self-cherishing/connecting with the interconnectedness of it all, nurturing humanitarianism and then spiritual understanding, knowledge, even wisdom. This collective presence on the planet is holding the balance against what seem to be insuperable forces - the oil-gas energy gang, military mogulism and pharma and so on ad nauseam.The real answers are soooo not contained solely within socio-political-psychological-logical so-called diluted, traiangulated faux liberal reform paradigms of progress. The geometrically increasing inner awareness on the part of millions will crystalize a new intensity of tangible altruism, where the inequality of opportunities and financial reward may well be eroded by perhaps sudden awakenings caused by ecological and/or economic catastrophe.The world is already going through convulsions of callousness, both from elites-in-bubbles masters of the plan and their karmic corollaries, the false freedom fighter thugs killing, raping and polluting many nations. Those malheureux who live in permanent war zones, whether in the shanties of Rio or the villages on the Nigerian/Cameroon border are already in a kind of Kaliyuga - they would vociferously argue that things are already just about as bad as they could be. So it seems even more pressing that those who live in milder societally mannered nation-states, sweeter small countries, etc. concern their blessed, very fortunate incarnations with a reaching out to those who are suffering from various forms of oppression and repression, right here in this digitally connected global village. Any potent result will only come from humans without hate but with an effortless state of kindness, non-judgmentalism, suspicion of bogus exceptionalism, unconditional in their love of friends and foes and conscious of the power of right thought, speech and action.The tide is turning, helped by an increase in spiritual trajectories and conversely by the display of internet information everywhere all the time. While the web is still democratizing things, rather than being sold down the river to the highest bidders, we need to keep our eyes and ears open and emit good vibrations. The Beach Boys had it right. Now we face dangers that ultimately can only be sent packing by the love and worship of interconnectedness and collective compassion. Greed and possessiveness and the building of walls within social systems and within individuals has to go and be replaced with the joy of being together, with our children cozy rather than unsheltered. Life is tough, we’re all going to die, but it is somehow so important that we get better at getting better.

Ram Dass - The Spiritual Fire

Meditate Like Christ