Into The Mystic Musings

Into The Mystic Part 2 flashes: "African Dream"  Wasis Diop from single, sung by this angelic yet robust genius musician from Senegal, the song enough to transport us into another reality, a dream, a plane of consciousness."Lullaby"  Ustad Ali Akbar Khan from CD "Journey"...the master sarod player leads us to trance effortlessly."Jali"  Vieux Diop from CD "African Voices"...playing his kora, Vieux Diop (Joe) is another heavenly yet very distinctly Senegalese music master."Prayer to Hanuman"  Krishna Das from CD "Ram Dass & Amazing Grace"...this oh-so-moving gem from KD comes from a CD sub-titled "The Chord Of Love" and that's just what it is."Corner"  Jai Uttal  from CD "Spirit Room"...a very rare, in-English song from Jai, with a hypnotic melody."Jai Ambe"  Mpath from CD "Journey To The Heart"...Gardner Cole's "Mpathic-ic" devotional song."Heaven"  Emer Kenny from CD "Emer Kenny"...just absolutely beautiful.

Stay strong, stay sweet.

Fats Domino