Form by Hazrat Inayat Khan

wave-lightThe light from which all life comes exists in three aspects, namely the aspect which manifests as intelligence, the light of the abstract, and the light of the sun. The activity of this one light functions in three different aspects. The first is caused by a slow and solemn activity in the central Consciousness which may be called consciousness of intelligence. It is intelligence when there is nothing before it to be conscious of; when there is something intelligible before it, the same intelligence becomes consciousness. A normal activity in the light of intelligence causes the light of the abstract at the time when the abstract sound turns into light. This light becomes a torch for the seer who is journeying towards the eternal goal. The same light in its intense activity appears as the sun.No person would readily believe that intelligence, abstract light and the sun are one and the same - yet language does not contradict itself, and all three have always been called by the name of light. These three aspects of the one light form the idea that lies behind the doctrine of the Trinity, and that of Trimurti which existed thousands of years before Christianity among the Hindus, and which denotes the three aspects of the One: the One being three.Substance commences to develop from radiance to atom, but before this it exists as a vibration. What man sees he accepts as something existent, and what he cannot see does not exist for him. All that man perceives, sees, and feels is matter, and that which is the source and cause of all is spirit.The philosophy of form may be understood by the study of the process by which the unseen life manifests into the seen. As the fine waves of vibrations produce sound, so the gross waves produce light. This is the manner in which the unseen, incomprehensible and imperceptible life becomes gradually known: first becoming audible, and then visible. This is the origin and only source of all life.~Hazrat Inayat Khan, "The Mysticism of Sound and Music"Image Credit

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