Featured Podcast: "That's Deep Bro" with Christina Pazsitzky

From time to time we'll be featuring podcasts that aren't technically a part of MPN but are nevertheless excellent and worthy of some attention.This week, our featured podcast comes from comedian Christina Pazsitzky. Christina's "That' Deep Bro" is a whimsical, yet thoughtful, podcast focused on the intersection of comedy and philosophy. On the latest episode of "That's Deep Bro" Christina gets together with dear friend of MPN Duncan Trussell for a thought-provoking and amusing conversation about consciousness, the meaning of life, God and more. Topics include, but aren't limited to:-Do we live in a dream?-Why are we here?-We think therefore we are?-What is evil?-The Three GunasFor more information on Christina visit her website. Christina also hosts a comedy podcast with her husband Tom Segura called. "Your Mom's House"

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