Eight Verses on the Development of the Mind

minddevelopmentThrough my ambition to achieveThe supreme of goals,Far better than any wish-granting gem,May I always dearly cherish every being!Whenever I associate with anyone,May I see myself as lower,And with deep determinationMay I cherish the other as superior!In all acts, inspecting my own mind.As soon as addictive feelings arise,So troubling to myself and others,May I stop them, using forceful methods!When I meet beings of evil nature,Driven by fierce sin and suffering,May I cherish them as the rarest find,Like enhancing upon a treasury of jewels!When others feel jealous of meAnd abuse and attack me wrongly,May I take the defeat unto myself,And grant to them victory!When those in whom I have investedThe greatest hopes of getting benefit,Instead irrationally inflict great harm,May I see them as my best spiritual teachers!In short, may I give all, my mothers,All help and happiness in this and future lives!And may I secretly take upon myselfAll my mothers' harms and sufferings!And may all of them not be touchedBy tainted notions of the eight concerns,Being detached, freed from all bondsBy wisdom knowing all things as illusions!"Robert Thurman, quoting Geshe Langri Tangpa Dorjey Sengey's Eight Verses on Mind Development

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