The Disciple & The Mad Elephant

In a certain forest there lived a sage who had a number of disciples. He taught his disciples the truth: "God dwells in all things. Knowing this, you should bend your knee before every object."One day a disciple went out into the forest for wood. On his way he saw a man riding a mad elephant and shouting: "Get out of the way, get out of the way! This is a mad elephant!" The disciple, instead of running away, remembered his master's teaching and began to reason: "God is in the elephant as well as in me. God cannot be hurt by God, so why should I run away?" Thus thinking he stood where he was and saluted the elephant as he came nearer. The driver (Mahoot) kept on shouting: "Get out of the way!" but the disciple would not move, until he was snatched up by the mad elephant and dashed to one side.The poor boy, bruised and bleeding, lay on the ground unconscious. The sage, hearing of the accident, came with his other disciples to carry him home. When after some time the unfortunate pupil recovered consciousness, the described what had happened. The sage replied: "My boy, it is true that God is manifest in everything. But if He is in the elephant, is He not equally manifest in the driver (Mahoot)? Tell me why you did not pay heed to the warning of the driver?~Excerpt from "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna"Image Credit

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