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cnn_sidebar_1MadnessCNN and its monumental insanity is the sorry theme in this blog – just thoughts, not spiritual visions – please forget it in your morning meditation, but remember it when you ponder the state of things in the mundane world. After all, CNN is just another distraction, pulling us away via our own mindlessness. But I just couldn’t restrain myself from commenting on what CNN has become. After you’ve read this, please return to your calm state and forget everything I got crazed about…First, CNN has unquestionably lost its fucking mind. As of this blog, they have spent a whole month, day and night, on the tragic Malaysian F. 370 lost plane. Before you categorize me as a callous bastard, I want to attempt to pre-empt that by offering compassion and prayers or your equivalent to the hundreds of people who experienced the terror of a plane going down and the thousands of friends and relatives impacted for life by the loss of life. That’s not the point here.What we have seen is CNN pathetically trying to emulate the stunning ratings of…O.J. O.J.? Yep – the last time CNN was as much the news as the story itself was twenty years ago during the endless O.J. trial, when people for reasons still mysterious to me, were glued to the screen wondering whether the football superstar running back was going to be convicted or not. If you remember, CNN obsessed about this beyond any logic or common sense. The chase, the glove, Marcia Clark, on and on.It has been downhill for the network since then. And then, wow, happy day, a plane gets lost, a magical mystery is presented on a plate for the CNN producers and they went with it 24/7 for EVER…please don’t try and respond that they were so moved by the tragedy that they felt it was only what any news organization would do just to try and help the victims. Theirs is a supremely cynical act, with little or no compassion involved. It’s all about the desperate, pathetic cable news hunger for decent – never spectacular at the best of times - ratings. Heavens above, I had to turn to the execrable FOX News for relief from CNN idiocy. The cynicism of this Crash News Network coverage cannot be overestimated. It certainly didn’t help the victims and their sad families. It added no knowledge to the viewing public. Sometimes, it was a matter of two or three “new” words about the search mission (admirable as that dangerous mission was) that prompted a whole day’s coverage, with legions of experts back again. It made you feel that the network knew that there were thousands of the patronized-to masses who would automatically become addicted to the daily nonsense. Did this lunatic coverage help anyone, anything? Sure, a few minutes of reporting on it every day, even every few hours would have been judicious – but all the time, all the time? The same troupe of traveling experts on the screen whenever you wondered if they were covering anything else – the simulator cockpit, the million-times repeated stale shots of concerned searchers looking out of the plane window at the Indian Ocean. On April 1st, appropriately, they played an unwitting April Fool’s Day joke on us by delving deeply into the significance of two new words from the pilot’s last communication. Two words and a whole wasted day analyzing them, mulling them over. OMFG.Ranting is not my desire, but given the responsibility of news gathering, this is a travesty and an absolute insult to any viewers with a pulse. It presupposes that we are all zombies who have no desire to witness a rendering of the truth about the state of the planet. What about the horrendous situation for refugee Syrians, including small children starving and freezing on the Lebanese border? What about the explanation of the details of Obamacare without ridiculous partisan prattling and lying? What about the recently massively updated facts about the dangerous environmental period we are now in? How about talking about Draconian changes in voting laws? How about going in depth about the unbelievably dark happenings in the Horn of Africa? What did CNN think it was doing devoting a tiny few minutes per week about the Ukrainian damage? I could go on and on, but let me finish by saying that I never have the desire to pollute this website with negative whining. But the reptilian trajectory of CNN’s concept of news REALLY bothered me (when I couldn’t meditate or read a good Mindfulness book) and I want to register that before it gets forgotten, as more cold-blooded perspectives are brought to the news by lame brained TV execs. News is supposed to attempt to show us what’s going on in the world, good and bad. What we saw after the Boeing 777 went down was absurd beyond my vocabulary. Ted Turner started this network three decades ago to deepen and globalize news coverage. No wonder he disappeared eventually to ride horses or whatever. He must have sneered at the downward spiral of the CNN vision. Now, I’m begging of you, go back to better things and put my rant out of your mind…

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