Cleary's Clear Tao

Trust me, read any book, seriously, any book, by Thomas Cleary, about Taoist vision, and you will be moved along the path a bit or a lot.  I mean, he is so totally aptly named - there isn't an explicator who I find clearer then Cleary.  Check out these ancient quotes he chooses from his 1996 little book, "Practical Taoism"...The Classic of the Beginning of Culture by the Keeper of the Pass says, "In those who skillfully detach from consciousness, consciousness turns into knowledge."Zhang Ziyang's Alchemical Directions says, "To use things to refine the mind, there is nothing else to do but not keep things on your mind; then complete serenity is possible."  The Discourse on Mind by the Celestial Teacher of Emptiness and Tranquility says, "Do not fear the arising of thoughts; just beware of tardiness in noticing.  The arising of thoughts is sickness; not continuing them is medicine."The Secret Discourse on the Mysterious Pass by the Master of the White Jade Moon says, "Have no mind on things and no things in mind."Calling The Way, a collection by the Master of Eternal Spring, says, "When not a single thought leaves the heart, this is true emptiness."OK, there's so much more in this tiny tome, that just picking it up for a few minutes seems to do the trick and put things in icy sharp perspective.  Sometimes, when things are obsessing you and you catch yourself by yourself, you can attain such clarity swiftly.  But at other times it seems necessary to hear someone else's lucid words to diffuse any insistent disturbing thoughts/emotions/shmoo's - then just dip into Cleary and things could clear up fast. 

Mata Amritanandamayi - Tamil bhajan "Unmatta Panchakam"

Stay strong, stay sweet.