Awaken to the Eternal

"The search for Reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings, for it destroys the world in which you live."

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

In this fascinating documentary, several people who had the opportunity to be with Maharaj discuss the impact of his teaching. Included are interviews with Jean Dunn, Jack Kornfield, Robert Powell, Allan W. Anderson, Stephen Wolinsky and others. It's a unique opportunity to peek at Maharaj's loft in Bombay and watch him in the midst of a spirited conversation (1995).tumblr_mhkmsv50WQ1qg7ex5o1_400-1Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981) was an Indian spiritual teacher and philosopher of Advaita (Nondualism), and a Guru, belonging to the Inchgiri branch of the Navnath Sampradaya. In 1973, the publication of his most famous and widely translated book, "I Am That", an English translation of his talks in Marathi by Maurice Frydman, brought him worldwide recognition and followers.His teaching style may be summed up in the words of Advaita scholar and examplar, Dr. Robert Powell, "Like the Zen masters of old, Nisargadatta's style is abrupt, provocative, and immensely profound — cutting to the core and wasting little effort on inessentials. His terse but potent sayings are known for their ability to trigger shifts in consciousness, just by hearing, or even reading them."

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