Artist Decoded #5 - Jesse Draxler

His works are representations of the feelings he has been working through all his life.  Feelings that arise while confronted with a past that is relatively unknown, a future that seems as daunting and horrifying as it does exciting, and a present in which he often feels stale and out of touch with himself.  All with the undercurrent of death forever lurking subtly under the surface of everything he creates.Jesse's client list as an illustrator includes The New York Times and Target.  He's also worked with musicians Prince, Chelsea Wolfe, and The Black Queen (feat. members of NIN, Telefon Tel Aviv and Dillinger Escape Plan), and as an art director / collagist he's worked with magazines Dazed & Confused, Dansk, No Tofu... etc.Credits:

  • Producer / Interviewer: Yoshino
  • Music: Deebs and Jarell Perry
  • Sound Engineering: Andres Moran
  • Podcast Artwork: Pandagunda

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