Brian Higbee comes from an eleven year career in Graphic Design. Early on in his graphic design career he picked up a camera and started shooting photos for his commissioned projects, skateboarding, snowboarding and bands. It soon became obvious that photography held far more appeal than graphic design ever did. So he left home and his comfortable career in pursuit of his passion.He started his career assisting some of the top photographers in the world. This experience along with his sense of light and space, and compositional capability has propelled him into a creative force.His talent has been quickly recognized by Interview Magazine. American Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue, Glamour and many alike, were quick to follow.Subjects Discussed In This Episode:

  • How he transitioned into working as a professional photographer from having an 11 year professional career as a graphic designer
  • Current industry shifts in hiring professional photographers
  • Contributing to Interview Magazine before and towards the end of the printed publication
  • The death of printed commercialized media
  • Mental preparations to start your day
  • Diversifying skill sets

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