Top 10 Fascinating Facts You Need To Know About Weed

 10 Weed Facts

As cannabis enters mainstream culture progressively, we discover more and more interesting facts regarding this popular medicine.

History is full of cannabis use in various areas in the world, and before it became illegal even head of states used it. If cannabis were a true human character, Hollywood could create a very exciting film surrounding its story.

Here are the most interesting and puzzling facts surrounding cannabis, in no particular order…

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Fascinating Weed Fact #1 – U.S. Presidents Grew Weed

By 1797, cannabis was so popular in the United States that President George Washington had cannabis as his primary crop at Mount Vernon.

Also, Thomas Jefferson grew hemp as a secondary crop at Monticello.

Fascinating Weed Fact #2 – Less Than 10% of Users Become Dependent

About 9% of the consumers of weed become clinically dependent and abuse it, according to a scientific study. This is a very low number which clearly shows that the risk for abuse is more of a psychological and emotional nature rather than physical.

Compare 9% of users who become dependent on weed to 15 percent of cocaine users who become dependent on cocaine and 24 percent of heroin users who get hooked on heroin.

Fascinating Weed Fact #3 – Growing Weed Was Mandatory For U.S. Settlers

In the 1492, Christopher Columbus brings Cannabis sativa to the New World – America. This was a very exciting period for everyone involved and hemp was a part of it. It was so exciting for everyone that in 1619 there was a very interesting law promoted in the colony of Jamestown, Virginia.

According to this law, every settler was required to grow cannabis due to the fact that it was a valuable commodity used in trading. It was not compulsory, it was required. Growing cannabis was required of them by law.

Fascinating Weed Fact #4 – More Than 100 Million American Tried Weed

According to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy ,weed is the most common illegal drug used in the United States. Approximately 100 million Americans have tried weed at least once, and more than 25 million have consumed it in the last year.

Fascinating Weed Fact #5 – Pot Is Safer Than Alcohol or Tobacco

This study in Sage Journals as well as this study on CBS SF have proven that pot consumption is much safer compared to smoking tobacco or consuming alcohol, not to mention “harder” drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

Fascinating Weed Fact #6 – Driving While High Is Safer Than Driving Drunk

This study on Scientific America, showed that indeed you are more likely to have a car accident if you are stoned but the risk is much lower compared to being drunk.

Fascinating Weed Fact #7 – Weed Was Offered As An International Diplomatic Gift

In 1876, a historical diplomatic gesture was recorded. The Sultan of Turkey offers cannabis as a gift to the US. Several years later, Turkish smoking parlors open up by the dozens in the north-east United States.

Fascinating Weed Fact #8 – Almost 1 Million Americans Have Been Arrested With Weed

According to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, nearly 900,000 arrests for marijuana violations were made in the United States – and this was happening back in 2007!

Approximately 90% of offenders charged with marijuana-related crimes were arrested for possession only.

Fascinating Weed Fact #9 – Weed Would Not Kill You Even After 800 Joints

According to the book “Cannabis: A History” by Booth Martin, you are likely to die of intoxication from carbon monoxide rather than due to the effects of weed if you smoked 800 joints.

Fascinating Weed Fact #10 – New York Mayor Opposed Prohibition

Fiorello La Guardia was, at the time of marijuana prohibition, the mayor of New York. He boldly spoke out against the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, saying the majority of Americans did not want the law and that it should be abolished.

La Guardia even commissioned a six-year study by a group of 31 impartial scientists to conclude whether cannabis was truly harmful or not. After an in-depth scientific analysis, researchers concluded that there was clear evidence that cannabis was safe to use and that the whole prohibition was absurd.

However, things escalated even more. In 1944, this scientific commission publishings were discredited. This scientific report and every copy of the report was destroyed. Any further research was blocked by restricting the availability of marijuana.

Which fact surprises you more? Do you know any other interesting facts surrounding weed? Let us know in the comments below!

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